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 Bush the Most Hated Man in the History of the World?

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Bush the Most Hated Man in the History of the World? Empty
PostSubject: Bush the Most Hated Man in the History of the World?   Bush the Most Hated Man in the History of the World? EmptyTue Feb 26, 2008 10:53 pm

Bush the Most Hated Man in the History of the World?
He is a Planetary Pariah of Bibilical Proportions - By Rob Kall

So Bush finally apologizes-- probably kicking and screaming, with threats from his best and brightest
(what a joke-- that would be Rove, Rice and Norquist) that it was apologize or be fired by the
American Public... as well as the rest of the planet who have already made up their minds. Yes,
there may be a collection of fifty or sixty million blue collar NASCAR dads, fascist Christians,
neo-nazis, racists, greedy pig rich people who unpatriotically refuse to pay their fair share in taxes,
and the corporate traitors to humanity and the planet... no, also to life itself, who prefer to support
money over the environment, biodiversity and a world that is human-philic-- ie., the supporters of
Bush. But the rest of the USA and certainly, the rest of the planet, outside of the corporatists and
fascists in other nations, consider George Bush, his verminous minions and cretinous, despicable
supporters pariahs.

The dictionary defines a pariah as an untouchable. To me, an untouchable by caste is a person who
is unjustly treated as a person to be totally avoided and to be accorded contempt. The
untouchables in India are born into their caste and it is not their fault.

George Bush has grown into untouchable Pariah-hood. He has taken on the mantle of a religious
fraud, the rapist of a nation, the despoiler of nations, the waster of billions, nay hundreds of billions
of dollars of resources and assets, the killer of tens of thousands. The destroyer of thousands of

It is very likely, much because the population of the planet has grown so much since the 1940s,
when there were just over 2 billion people on the planet, to now, when there are over 6.3 billion,
that George Bush is the most hated, most reviled man in the history of the planet.

His fellow Christianists (if we call Muslims who are fundamentalist and unable to function
cooperatively in the world, treating other faiths with respect Islamists, then lets call Christians who
can't respect other faiths Christianists,) craving early death through the end-times when the
anti-christ arrives, ushering in the return of the messiah, believe he is moving them towards their
life-rejecting path. But it is just as arguable, perhaps even likely, if one chooses to dance with the
"rapture" story, that the ultimate evil anti-christ would masquerade as the great leader who would
take the faithful to their dreamed upon heavenly glory. The ultimate antichrist would seem to be the
good guy.

So.... right now, about 50 million Americans think Bush is the good guy. Maybe another 100 million
Brits, Germans, Poles, Australians, Italians, Kurds, Iranians, Saudi princes and Japanese, hey, maybe
even 500 million more have enough financial or political interests to also support Bush. I don't think
most of those 500 see him as a good guy. They see him as a venal scoundrel who will sell out his
country in ways that support their interests.

That leaves about 5.8 billion people on this planet. The world Muslim population is close to
1.5 billion. Assume 97% of them hate Bush. The sane citizens of the rest of the planet have to see
Bush and his supporters as venal, dangerous predators and leeches, fanatic religious zealot fools or
duped fools.

Even NY Times centrist pundit Thomas Friedman says, "I have never known a time in my life when
America and its president were more hated around the world than today. I was just in Japan, and
even young Japanese dislike us. It's no wonder that so many Americans are obsessed with the finale
of the sitcom "Friends" right now. They're the only friends we have, and even they're leaving."

This article started as a speculation on what it took to get an apology out of Bush, a man who
operates through blaming the weak, protecting the powerful guilty parties because anyone who fails
under him also knows enough about what a colossal incompetent he is so that they would be able to
contribute to his collapse and destruction if they were not allowed to stay on-- like Tenet,
Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Cheney, Libby....

It is tragic that such a small majority of active American voters have been able to create such a
vile, reprehensible untouchable who most certainly is the most hated, most loathed man in the
history of the world. I wonder how Hitler's supporters felt when he was the most hated man. Did
they realize they were supporting a monster? Were they proud to be contributing to his power?
What about after Hitler fell, or Mussolini, or Idi Amin? Did their supporters realize what they'd helped
to create? Did they stay loyal to their monsters? Did they see the light and experience regret?
George is not the first ugly, planetary monster to be created. We should learn from his and his
predecessors. Like dinosaur researchers, paleontologists, who study dinosaur shit, we should be
studying the destroyed industries, the fraudulently justified actions and causes, the ecological
disasters and the lies built upon lies and more lies that enabled Bush and his malignant predecessors
to attain power. That way, at least we can begin to understand what enables a tiny fraction of the
people on this planet to insanely ejaculate such loathsome creatures into such positions of
destructive power upon our planet.

Rob Kall
rob@opednews.com is publisher of progressive news and opinion website
www.opednews.com and organizer of cutting edge meetings that bring together world leaders,
such as the
Winter Brain Meeting and the StoryCon Summit Meeting on the Art, Science and
Application of Story This article is copyright Rob Kall and originally published by
opednews.com but
permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog or web media so long as this credit paragraph
is attached.
Over 100 other articles by Rob Kall
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Bush the Most Hated Man in the History of the World?
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