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 Dog and cat's friendship continues after death

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PostSubject: Dog and cat's friendship continues after death   Sat Jan 26, 2008 1:09 pm

Dog and cat's friendship continues after death

It was a friendship that could inspire a Disney movie. Oscar the
dog and his best friend, Arthur the cat, were inseparable in life.

Oscar the dog and Arthur the cat

So, when 17-year-old moggy Arthur died, Oscar was left inconsolable.
Their owners, Robert and Mavis Bell, buried Arthur in the garden.

But Oscar's love for his friend would not die and during the night, he
pulled the cat from his grave, carried him inside, laid him in the basket
they used to share and gently cleaned him up.

Which is one of those things that's heartwarming when an animal does
it, but kind of creepy when a human does the same.

Mr Bell found the pair curled up together in the basket. He said:
'Oscar had watched me bury Arthur. They had been inseparable.'

Arthur is now buried in a secure grave in the garden at the Bells'
home in Wigan and Oscar has a new playmate kitten called Limpet.

'He's already very protective of her,' Mrs Bell said.

Saturday Metro UK
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PostSubject: ....   Sat Jan 26, 2008 4:32 pm

See , cats and dogs only pretend to be enemies .... They are actually participationg in healthy debate .... and we interpret their backchat as fighting ... Sad
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Dog and cat's friendship continues after death
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