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 Vindication for the racists

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PostSubject: Vindication for the racists   Sun Jan 20, 2008 6:22 am

It’s not funny. It’s actually pretty scary. But all the white racists who voted “no” in the 1992
referendum, which asked white voters whether they’d be OK with “power sharing” with the ANC,
are vindicated. Turns out there’s not enough power to share.

All the doomsayers who predicted infrastructure decay and economic collapse, all those who fled
South Africa to make a home in Australia or elsewhere, now appear to have been right. They may
have been right for the wrong reasons, and may have expressed it in distasteful terms, but right
they were.

“There is no power crisis,” said President Thabo Mbeki in May 2006. Yeah right, dear leader.
Amandla aWethu (”Power to the people!”), right? Sorry, Mr President, but
a belated apology 18 months later doesn’t keep the lights on. (It’s worth noting that, judging by
the Google results, this is just about the only significant apology Mbeki has ever offered for


But I fear the lesson won’t be heeded. On the contrary, the citizens of South Africa, instead of
uniting and taking the matter in their own hands by kicking out the fools and scoundrels in the
government, will become more polarised. And I fear the deepest cut, the most painful, the most
dangerous, will be that the thousands of white racists, here and abroad, can now justifiably say:
“We told you so.”

There’s your legacy, comrade Thabo Mbeki. Now the last person to leave South Africa won’t have
to switch off the lights any more.

M&G - Vindication for the racists
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Vindication for the racists
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