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PostSubject: EASTERN LIGHTNING   EASTERN LIGHTNING EmptySun Jan 06, 2008 3:58 pm

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2. Almighty God’s Great Love Has Conquered Me
—The Change of a Stubborn Rebellious Person

I was an assistant co-worker from the Union Mission Church, but also
an archcriminal who resisted Almighty God’s end-time work. Because I
believed various rumors and read materials about the false testimonies
that resisted Almighty God, I deemed that God’s new work was of an
underworld organization and desperately resisted and blasphemed it. I
didn’t wake up to reality until I was smitten by God and had come down
with a serious illness. Although my flesh suffered the smiting and
discipline of God, I saw the salvation and love of Almighty God. If God
didn’t discipline me strictly in that way, I would never be able to
come before God nor receive the truth, the way, and the life bestowed
by God. Today, I see a lot of brothers and sisters who are infatuatedly
waiting for the return of the Savior doing the same thing as I did.
They regard “Eastern Lightning” as an underworld organization, a
heresy, and a cult, and dare not come into contact with or check it
out, because they have taken in various rumors and fallacies. They even
shut the door on the returned Jesus—Almighty God, regarding God’s
painstaking care and price as satan’s schemes and something that
deceives people. I am deeply grieved for that, and at the same time, I
cannot help remembering God’s word: “They are poor, pitiful, blind,
and at a loss, wailing in darkness: Where is the way? … Have you ever
thought how grieved and worried God’s heart is? How could he have the
heart to watch the innocent mankind he created with his own hands
suffering such torment? After all, mankind are the unfortunate who have
been poisoned. Although today mankind have survived, who knows that
they have long undergone the evil one’s poisoning. Could you have
forgotten that you are one of the victims? Are you not willing to, out
of love for God, endeavor to rescue all these survivors?”
of the many voices God is calling out, I am willing to share my
testimonies with brothers and sisters about how I resisted Almighty
God’s work, suffered discipline, and received God’s salvation. I hope
that brothers and sisters can take warning and gain some inspiration
and help from this.
In recent years, I had come into contact with lots of negative
materials that resisted Almighty God’s work and also heard countless
“well-intentioned” exhortations and warnings, among which the one that
impressed me most was a book named Resisting the Chinese satanic Church of Eastern Lightning.
The false testimonies in the book were deeply printed in my mind, and I
fully believed the record in the book was the fact. Since then, I had
been greatly fearful of “Eastern Lightning,” thinking, “I must be
cautious from now on. If I happen to meet the people of ‘Eastern
Lightning,’ I will never get in touch with them.” My uncle was the
leader in our church, and he often said, “The head can be cut off and
the blood can be shed, but ‘Eastern Lightning’ can never be accepted!”
That made me more confirmed that “Eastern Lightning” was precisely a
cult; so over these few years, I had held hostile attitude toward
“Eastern Lightning” all along.
Something I had never expected happened: One day in April 2002, my
uncle called and asked me to go to his home for a matter of utmost
urgency. I hurried along the way to his home and I saw four or five
strangers sitting in the room and some books on the desk. A sister
passed me one to read. I was shocked at the moment when I saw it was
The Lightning Coming from the East. Isn’t this “Eastern Lightning”?
Immediately the rumors about it flashed into my mind one after another.
I asked in puzzlement: “Uncle, what on earth is all this about?” He
answered, “We have misunderstood ‘Eastern Lightning.’ Actually, it’s
the new work that God is doing right now. I have already accepted it;
you might as well accept it quickly!” It was truly a180-degree turn! I
doubted if my uncle had got mental disease, so I answered firmly, “I
need to check it out (actually I had no intention to do so); I cannot
just accept it indiscreetly; I cannot betray the Lord Jesus and let him
down!” Then I left with anger after finishing my words. During the
following days, the same thing happened to many other co-workers in our
church, so we got together to discuss how to resist “Eastern
Lightning.” Soon afterward, two brothers and I, without stopping for a
meal, took a bus with one round trip to give notice to different
villages and sealed off every single church.
One day, a brother from the town came to my home to borrow some
materials, and we began to talk about things concerning “Eastern
Lightning.” He said, “The believers in Almighty God are just like glue.
I pushed them out, but they came back to preach again. Afterwards, I
slapped them in the face. We shouldn’t be tenderhearted toward these
people. They are of an underworld organization and do whatever they
want under the banner of religion. If you join them, you won’t be able
to withdraw from them; otherwise, your ears will be cut off and your
legs will be broken.” I trembled with fear after hearing this and
abominated the people of “Eastern Lightning” more; at the same time, I
congratulated myself: Thanks to Jesus’ keeping and brothers and
sisters’ reminding, which kept me from taking in my uncle’s words, so
that I avoided this disaster luckily. Before long, some brothers and
sisters in the church all went with my uncle and accepted Almighty God,
while a few other co-workers and I led the rest of the brothers and
sisters to believe in Jesus. With resolute determination, we broke away
from them. From then on, no matter how busy I was, I still spared time
to check if there was any one in the church who had accepted “Eastern
Lightning.” I also charged the co-workers that they must guard
carefully the flock for Jesus and should be worthy of the Lord. At that
time, I felt that only by doing so was I truly caring for God’s desire
and loyal to the Lord.

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PostSubject: EASTERN LIGHTNING   EASTERN LIGHTNING EmptyMon Jan 07, 2008 5:36 am

And the purpose of the above post is what Simsi ... ???
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