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 Russia will supply new anti-aircraft missiles for Iran

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PostSubject: Russia will supply new anti-aircraft missiles for Iran   Thu Dec 27, 2007 3:16 pm

Russia will supply new anti-aircraft missiles for Iran
27 December 2007

Russia is to supply Iran with a new and lethal anti-aircraft system capable of
shooting down American or Israeli fighter jets in the event of any strike on Iran's
nuclear facilities.

Iran on Wednesday confirmed that Russia had agreed to deliver the S-300 air
defence system, a move that is likely to irk the Bush administration and gives
further proof of Russia and Iran's deepening strategic partnership.


The S-300 had a range far superior to that of the US Patriot system, experts said.
It could also shoot down cruise and ballistic missiles, they added.


The sale follows Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Iran in October to
attend a meeting of Caspian Sea nations, the first trip by a Russian head of state
to Tehran since Stalin attended a 1943 summit with Churchill and Roosevelt.

Putin has made clear his opposition to the US hardline stance on Iran, and has
defended Iran's right to pursue a peaceful nuclear programme.

He has also repeatedly derided the Bush administration's plans to build a missile
defence system in Europe to counter a potential nuclear missile fired by Iran or
North Korea.


Mail & Guardian
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Russia will supply new anti-aircraft missiles for Iran
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