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 Things to ponder

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PostSubject: Things to ponder   Sat Dec 08, 2007 7:56 pm

There was a father of one family. He was a hard worker who met the
needs of his family - a wife and three kids. He spent the evenings
after work to attend courses, to develop himself hoping one day he
could get a better job with a better salary. Except Sundays, this
father hardly had dinner with his family.

He worked and studied very hard since he wanted to provide his family
everything that money can buy. Every time his family made a complaint
that he didn't spend enough time with them, he always made an excuse
that he did all that for them. There were many times, though, when he
really liked to spend his time with them.

Then came the announcement day. He passed the exam with flying
colours. Soon he was offered the position of senior supervisor along with
a tempting salary. Just like a dream came true, now he could provide a
luxurious life for his family, such as beautiful outfits, delicious meals and
trips to other countries. Still, the family couldn't see him the whole
week. He kept working hard, hoping to be promoted as a manager.

In fact, in order to make him suitable for that position, he enrolled to
another course in an open university. Again, every time his family
complained that he didn't spend much time with them, he said that he
did all for them. Yet, there were times when he really liked to spend
more time with them. All his hard work got paid; he was promoted to be
a manager. Gladly, he hired a maid to free his wife from the housework.
He also felt that a three-room flat was not big enough for them, that
it would be great if they could enjoy living in a condominium.

After all that, he decided to work and study even harder so that he could
be promoted again. His family was having a hard time to meet him. He
had to spend Sundays to accompany his guests. Again, every time his
family complained that he didn't spend much time with them, he said
that he did all for them. Yet, there were times when he really liked to
spend more time with them.

And as expected, all his hard work succeeded and he could afford a
beautiful condominium towards the beach. The first evening in their
brand new house, he told his family that he wouldn't take any courses
and go after promotions again, that since then he wanted to give more
and more of his time for his wife and children.
But then... he never woke up the next day...

Things to ponder: Do you work for a living or do you live for working?
There are two things that to be achieved in this life: First, to get what
you want, second, to enjoy it afterwards. It takes a wise man to
achieve both. Worry cannot get rid of today's sufferings; it only robs
today's strength. Happiness doesn't depend on how much you've got
to enjoy it, but on how much you enjoy what you've got.
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PostSubject: Re: Things to ponder   Mon Dec 10, 2007 8:13 am

Fab 1, thanks....
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Things to ponder
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