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 Bangladesh - Cyclone Sidr

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PostSubject: Bangladesh - Cyclone Sidr   Thu Nov 22, 2007 8:12 am

In Bangladesh a survivor of Cyclone Sidr prepares food
in what is left of her kitchen. The storm affected
a million families and killed at least 3,100 people.

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PostSubject: Re: Bangladesh - Cyclone Sidr   Thu Nov 22, 2007 8:48 am

It is sad Warre, the rest of the world aid organisations and UN just stood by, and or just ignored this catastrophy. Crying or Very sad The Bush Administration has poured billions to save banks from going under in the recent mortage loan crisis in America.
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PostSubject: Cyclone victims' quest for clean water   Fri Nov 23, 2007 7:23 am

Cyclone victims' quest for clean water
By Alastair Lawson - BBC News, Sunderbans

One week after a devastating cyclone hit Bangladesh, thousands of
people remain homeless and much needed aid is slow to arrive.

One of the key problems facing the authorities now is distributing clean
drinking water.

Some aid agencies warn that unless that and other vital supplies arrive
soon, the number of people who will die in the days after the cyclone could
exceed the number who perished last Thursday night when the storm




But much of the surface water people are relying on has been
contaminated, either by the bodies of dead livestock or - in coastal areas -
by high salinity caused by the tidal surge that accompanied the storm.

The villagers in Tafalbari warn that many of them are suffering from

"We need clean drinking water urgently. There is none here and we are
having to drink dirty water from the river. "It is very difficult for our
children. They are really suffering," said distraught grandmother Zohanara
through her tears.

"We have nothing here, no home, hardly any food and no clean water. We
are desperate."

The main fear among aid workers is that of water-borne diseases, chief of
which is cholera.

However, in other recent natural disasters experienced by the people of
Bangladesh - such as widespread flooding earlier this year - a cholera
outbreak was not forthcoming.

A diarrhoea outbreak did happen, but then this is a country that is well
used to tackling that problem. It pioneered oral rehydration therapy as a
means of treating it.

Aid agencies and foreign donors say that they are addressing the water
issue. Foreign countries and international donors have pledged around
$500m so far for the relief effort.

Purification tablets
"Support is being strengthened in nutrition, water, sanitation, hygiene and
essential medicines," a UN spokesman in Dhaka told the BBC.


The UN says that it has issued 7.3m water purification tablets (WPTs) and
110,000 jerry cans for carrying safe water in conjunction with the
Bangladeshi Department of Public Health and Engineering.

"We have also ensured that an adequate stock of essential medicines is
being delivered at districts and sub-districts in the worst affected areas,"
the spokesman said.

Evidence of this huge aid effort can now be seen on the ground, as can
efforts by local NGOs to provide supplies.

At last it looks as if the huge aid community that exists in Bangladesh is
finally getting into full swing - the big question now is whether or not its
efforts will be in time.

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PostSubject: Re: Bangladesh - Cyclone Sidr   

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Bangladesh - Cyclone Sidr
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